All Entrants for the Mr Gay South Africa 2015 competition must agree to the following Rules and Regulations  before acceptance of their entry.


  1. Entrant must be a male South African Citizen over the age of 18 years and under 40 years as at 1 January 2015.  Valid documentation as proof of age must be made available on request from organizers.
  2. An entry fee of R 300 .00 is payable as soon as entry form has been received and acknowledge by Mr Gay South Africa. Payment details will be forwarded to you once your entry has been received.
  3. Entry can only be done on the Mr Gay South Africa Website or e-mailed to
  4. Closing date for entries will be 16 January 2015.  No late entries will be accepted.
  5. Final Interviews will be held via Skype.
  6. Entrants give consent that any of their photographs, their introduction video and general information like names and identity may be published in the press, social media and website or any communications on the internet, during their participation of Mr Gay South Africa 2015.
  7. Finalists agree to sign a contract with MR Gay South Africa (Pty ) Ltd.
  8. Finalists agree to be available for the week from 22 February 2015 in Johannesburg leading up to the Grand Finale on the 28 February 2015.  Air flights and transportation to Johannesburg as well as accommodation for the week will be provided by Mr Gay South Africa ( PTY ) Ltd.
  9. Finalists agree to be prepared to model in public in clothing supplied to them, including bathing costumes and underwear.
  10. Finalists agree to be prepared to attend Gay Pride festivals, promotions, charity and media events and commit to be a representative of Mr Gay South Africa 2015.
  11. 16 Finalist will be chosen to participate in the finale on 28 February 2015.  10 Finalist from 3 independent judges and 6 from the Managing Director of Mr Gay South Africa (Pty) ltd.
  12. There will be no limitations in terms of regions and finalists can come from any region of South Africa.
  13. Finalists enter the completion wholly at their own risk and the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever related to the competition before or after the competition or for whatever reason.
  14. Finalists who do not comply with these rules and regulations will automatically be disqualified.
  15. The Managing Director reserves the right to disqualify any finalist who brings the company Mr Gay South Africa (Pty) Ltd or the competition Mr Gay South Africa™ into disrepute in whatever way, disobey any rules or refuse to carry out instructions during the competition.
  16. The judges’ decision for the 16 finalists as well as the Winner of the finale is final and no correspondence will be entered into after the event.
  17. Prizes are not exchangeable for a cash value.
  18. Any Finalist who wishes to withdraw will pay back expenses paid on his behalf for the finals week.
  19. The Title holder of Mr Gay South Africa for 2015 may not be allowed to enter any other competition during his term.


I have confirm that I have read and understand the rules listed above, Click here to enter.